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Pixel-tastic, retro-infused, flick-screen, twin-stick-shooter. · By Triple Eh?


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Cecconoid releases on iOS
Just a quick heads up; Cecconoid is now available on iOS. It's the full game -- no IAP, no Ads -- including Eugatron, with touchscreen controls and full joypad...
Launch Day!
Happy Birthday to Cecconoid and Eugatron! The big red "Buy Now" button should be live. Hope you all have fun with it...
Latest build has had some tweaks to how the bulling works in Eugatron. It should be much more reliable now, as the player dies at the end of a frame (as it prob...
Just pushed up two new builds to Itch. The focus has been elsewhere (Steam integration) of late, but these builds wrap up all the bug fixes, and new achievemen...
Build Linux1/Win19
So this marks the alpha release of Cecconoid (and the first Linux build!), with the following changes: Added achievements system Added a bunch of simple achieve...
Build win18: 24.08.19
This is basically the alpha build: Final rooms from Assembly finished New baddie New roby room Actually completion sequence (if you get there) Balance pass (har...
Build win17 - 01.08.19
Fresh from Assembly 2019 with some changes for Cecconoid: Added high score table to cecconoid Balance pass across the first section Added a bunch of new secrets...
Build win16 - 28.07.19
A few bug fixes, and a balance pass on Eugatron: Eugatron has a local high score table (saving not implemented yet) Difficulty balance for Eugatron is pretty mu...

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