Build win15 - 17.07.19

Just started looking at this for bugs and polish, changes include:

  • Rewards from Robotron rooms shouldn't move horizontally anymore
  • Bullets were already rotating to face trajectory, no need for mines to do this as well
  • Audio sources that weren't in the correct mixer group fixed
  • Mouse pointer wasn't hiding on second entry to the game
  • Bouncing enemies reset when player dies
  • Baby enforcers reset when player dies
  • Several room layouts changed to protect player on first entry
  • Several rooms env GFX tweaked
  • Did a pass and put in many more score pods for players to collect
  • Amended wall GFX to remove transparent pixels from edges. Secrets no long show bit of player as they move through
  • Robotron Rewards don't spawn so close to room edges
  • Ickle Baddie now animates and has a trail
  • Added missing GFX to the port hole
  • Added audio to the switch
  • Fixed Scourger's bugs
  • Fixed the missing sprite in Eugatron

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